Smoking cessation:

is your world getting smaller and smaller?

Well it’s no wonder if you’re a smoker you can no longer smoke whilst using public transport, smoking in offices is forbidden, smoking in public buildings and most public outer areas are frowned upon, smoking on planes banned, smoking taxi’s denied, restaurants, café’s and more restrictions to come…

Well how about expanding your world again and regain control.

First Step Hypnotherapy can be successful in helping you to stop smoking for ever and leaving that habit in the past where it belongs as just a distant memory.

Negative beliefs

Everyday we hear or give ourselves suggestions that are not always beneficial to us like, I need to smoke because it’s the only thing that helps me to relax, or nicotine is so addictive I’ll never be able to quit unless I use pharmaceutical aid, or perhaps its just to late for me to change this habit after so long or maybe I don’t have the will power to become a non smoker.
Well none of those statements are true, through Clinical Hypnotherapy your unconscious mind can make the long lasting changes in a quick, easy and pain free way, make what is possible a reality!
Starting now all of those old feelings and habits can be left behind in the past where they belong, you will no longer carry the burden of smoking they will be replaced with a feeling of comfort, wellbeing, confidence safety and security to.


Unlike most pharmaceutical aids no feelings of withdrawal need ever be felt, suggestions of relaxation, calm and confidence will be carried deep into your unconscious where they will remain imprinted on mind. Through Hypnotherapy making smoking a thing of the past for you will be so effortless and easy. Any thought of smoking will be a fleeting memory.

A more desirable future

So is that simple? What if after just one 90 minute stop smoking session at First Step Hypnotherapy, you are able to live your life in a new way that’s right for you which is smokefree! The 90 minute smoking cessation therapy will save you £££ now and in the future, if for any reason a follow up is required within the first thirty days, there is no extra charge - this is our commitment to you.

How could you benefit?

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Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe.
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