There are many symptoms and problems which clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat.

First step also offer the services of a qualified, experienced psychotherapist and counsellor who may better suit your current needs.

Anxiety / Panic / Panic Disorder

Anxiety and panic can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways and at different levels of severity. They are an increasingly common problem in todays society and can be debilitating, impacting greatly on all aspects of life including work, relationships and achieving everyday life tasks. Panic and anxiety can be specific to certain situations or issues or can be free floating and generalised and may in turn result in developing phobias. Anxiety and panic can be a consequence of a wider illness or issue and so it may be necessary to contact your GP.

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Through use of a variety of techniques hypnotherapy can be effective in the treatment of bed wetting. We strongly recommend that you speak to your GP prior to treatment to rule out any underlying medical which may be at the root of the problem.

Bulimia Nervosa / Anorexia

Purging after bingeing on food can take the form of many different actions, it may be through vomiting, use of laxatives, excessive exercise, use of diuretics or a combinations of these. Many people feel ashamed of their bingeing and purging and so keep it secret from others which then feeds back into their cycle of negative thinking about themselves. Bulimic behaviour occurs for many different reasons and varies in severity. Here at first step hypnotherapy we will draw on a variety of techniques to offer you the individual treatment that you need to tackle your bulimia. Treatment will usually take several sessions. In addition we also have a specialist therapy service for bulimia and other eating disorders should you decide you would like to work at an even deeper, explorative level.
It may be necessary to contact your GP as Bulimic behaviour carries a significant risk to health.

Blushing (Erythrophobia)

Blushing can be a vicious circle where the person becomes so conscious of their tendency to blush that the worry causes them to blush anyway. It can be a difficult habit to break. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very successful in resolving this condition. Hypnotherapy explores the causes underlying the blushing and teaches techniques to deal with the triggers.

Creative dreaming, problem solving & creativity enhancement

As children most of us begin our lives as imaginative, creative and artistic individuals. Many of us hold on to these abilities throughout our development and through into our adult lives. Using hypnosis we are able to utilise and enhance these resources to enable us to be more creative in our everyday lives and in our problem solving abilities. This can be of great assistance to artists and problem solvers of all kinds.

Headaches / Migraines:

Headaches and migraines can be due to many different factors. It is important that you speak to your GP to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions. Hypnotherapy will teach you pain management techniques as well as reducing and alleviating contributory factors such as stress and anxiety.

Nail biting

(Also adult thumb sucking). Nail biting is a habit often developed in childhood that sometimes continues into our adult lives. Because nail biting is often an unconscious action, hypnotherapy is an ideal treatment for breaking this habit and has proven to be very effective solution. Nail biting is usually a simple habit, unconnected to deeper psychological issues and therefore can usually be treated in 1-3 sessions.

Nightmares / Night terror

Whether frequent or infrequent, nightmares respond well to hypnotherapy treatment. Nightmares can be a result of any psychological issue including stress, anxiety or trauma. Hypnotherapy treatment aims to resolve these underlying causes and therefore to tackle the source of the nightmares and teach the sufferer techniques for dealing with this issue should it arise again in the future as well as teaching effective stress management techniques where appropriate.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a very long spectrum ranging from minor repetitive actions and intrusive thoughts to a completely debilitating condition. Hypnotherapy treatment aims to resolve the underlying causes of the problem as well as teaching techniques to break habits and control intrusive thoughts and impulses. OCD is a serious condition and it may be necessary to contact your GP.

Psychogenic Infertility

It is important to see a specialist who can investigate for any physical reasons that may be causing the infertility. It may be necessary for us to contact your doctor. There are multiple causes for psychogenic infertility. Factors such as stress, diet, lifestyle and deeper psychological issues (including relationships) may all contribute. Hypnotherapy explores all of these factors and using the clients own, internal resources to find a satisfactory solution. At First Step Hypnotherapy we draw on a wide range of techniques and approaches to ensure the most appropriate and effective treatment for you.

Psycho-sexual Disorders

Including premature ejaculation, vaginismus, frigidity, impotence, anorgasmia. People with sexual dysfunction often feel embarrassed and find it difficult to discuss the problem. Here at First Step Hypnotherapy we understand this and offer sensitive and confidential treatment. It is not uncommon for sexual difficulties to have an underlying psychological cause. Hypnotherapy draws on a wide range of techniques to explore and resolve the underlying causes as well as tackle the issues directly when appropriate. Treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Individuals and couples both welcome. We recommend that you speak to your GP to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions.


In todays society stress is a rapidly growing issue and is a contributory factor to many different illnesses. Stress can contribute to a great variety of problems such as relationship issues, difficulties at work, inability to socialise, sleep and sexual disturbances. It is therefore of vital importance to be able to manage stress. Through hypnotherapy you can learn techniques to reduce and manage your stress levels. Hypnotherapy differs from other therapeutic treatments in this field by communicating directly with your unconscious mind therefore allowing these newly learnt skills and knowledge to penetrate at a deeper level.


Tinnitus is the name given to a condition where a person perceives noises in the ears or head in the absence of an external source. It may be in one ear, both or in the middle of the head. Although it is often assumed that Tinnitus is the result of disease or damage to the ear it is frequently found to be a symptom generated by the patients own auditory pathways and the exact cause is not yet understood. Hypnotherapy uses different strategies to find an effective way to reduce discomfort and cope more effectively. We strongly advise that you speak to your GP to rule out any alternative underlying medical causes.


Snoring tends to be a greater problem for the partner of a person who snores rather than the snorers themselves. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for either partner and so we welcome snorers, the partners of snorers or both together. Through using a variety of techniques hypnotherapy has been proven to be an effective, long lasting treatment for this condition for both snorer and partner. As snoring can sometimes be a sign or symptom of a medical condition we recommend that you speak to your GP prior to treatment.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Many of us take part in some form of sporting activity whether for leisure or at a higher competitive level. At First Step Hypnotherapy we understand that the difference between failure and success can be due to easily rectifiable issues. Both physical and mental preparation are key to success and achieving personal full potential. First Step Hypnotherapy uses a wide range of techniques to ensure that you receive the most effective help.

Teeth grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding is a common complaint that can lead to serious long-term problems. It can be treated effectively by hypnotherapy but your dentist will need to rule out any physical reasons before hypnotherapy treatment is started. We will ask for your permission to speak to your dentist before treatment begins or for a letter from your dentist stating that they are happy for you to engage in hypnotherapy treatment for this problem.

Other habits

Including twitches, tics, spasms, vocal and speech habits and a wide variety of other habits. All of these habits are treatable by hypnotherapy. We use a wide variety of techniques to ensure you receive the most appropriate and effective treatment to help free you from your habit. Some habits will require permission from your doctor prior to starting hypnotherapy treatment. In this case we would require your permission to speak to your doctor or a letter from your doctor stating that they are happy for you to start hypnotherapy treatment for this issue. We are happy to answer any questions that your doctor may have.