Fear of Flying:

Most of us would agree that flying is not natural, not for human beings anyway, imagine being 6 miles up in the sky travelling over five hundred miles per hour in a machine weighing about one hundred and seventy tons it’s just not normal, or is it?

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I Well let’s take a look at some facts, for most of us it has become an integral part of our lives.
It brings many of us closer together, takes us to places in a short space of time that would only have been a dream less than one hundred years ago. It allows us experience life in different cultures and continents; those are some of the positives.

How about some more facts

Its true that you may have been conditioned to have unwanted feelings about air travel, but Statistically flying is still one of the safest forms of transport, it’s a fact that your more likely to be hit by a bolt or lightening or be killed by a bee sting than to die in a plane crash.

The good news!

AWouldn’t you like to feel, calm, relaxed, rested, and even a little excited before and after your plane journey, you can because First step hypnotherapy will tailor and use the most appropriate technique to help you achieve these aims.
Communicating with your unconscious mind, new behaviour and feelings about flying are absorbed by your unconscious mind; worries about air travel can become a thing of the past.

How could you benefit?

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