Become more assertive:

At First step hypnotherapy we know that you’ve probably heard the word assertive a thousand times and sometimes wish that you practiced it a little more. Well through hypnosis it’s possible to greatly accelerate the learning process in how to become more assertive in you daily life, addressing the unconscious mind and making appropriate meaningful suggestions that will remain there.

Why be more Assertive?

By being more assertive you can improve your sense of identity, your confidence and your self esteem. A snowball effect is created: the more confident you feel, the more assertive you are and so on. By stating more clearly what your needs are, you increase the chances that these needs will be met.

The Effects of unassertive

The long-term effect-of unassertiveness is a growing loss of self esteem this term¬ refers to our own evaluation of ourselves in respect to how competent, significant; and likeable we see ourselves as people. The more you act in an unassertive way, the weaker is your positive sense of identity: the sense of; "This is me, this is how I feel and how I think". This can result in a lack of sense of purpose, or a feeling that we are not in control of our lives, which in turn leads to negative feelings and symptoms of stress.

If you are failing to express your self openly and you are concealing your feelings and thoughts, it can lead to internal tension, also resulting in physical and mental symptoms of stress. Inherent in unassertive behaviour is poor communication which leads to the development of unhealthy, uncomfortable relationships. Communicating effectively in relationships is the best possible insulator against symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


At first step hypnotherapy we know that the benefits of being assertive can mean Increased capacity to express genuine feelings and wants; Being capable of recognising and meeting personal needs; Being able to communicate needs honestly and openly;
Greater ease in communicating in social situations; Protection from aggression and manipulation by others; A feeling of comfort in the understanding that you as well as others are entitled to and deserving of certain basic rights, thus enchanting self-respect and dignity; Stop coming away from situation feeling guilty and bad about oneself;
Unafraid of taking risks, viewing mistakes positively and seeing them as an opportunity to learn and do better next time. Accepting your own capabilities, setting realistic' goals therefore not continually putting oneself into situations where you feel a failure) being aware of strengths and weaknesses.


Being assertive leads to a saving in energy and a reduction in tension. We are no longer preoccupied with avoiding upsetting others, and no longer overly concerned with making gains in an aggressive way. People who are generally assertive are confident people who are simply happy to be themselves. You cannot become too assertive! In fact part of the meaning of being assertive is that the behaviour is appropriate to the situation!

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