Overcoming Anxiety:

Shared goal

At first step hypnotherapy, we understand that having some anxiety is perfectly normal it serves as a part of what helps us to function in everyday life. Too much anxiety is can be extremely detrimental to our wellbeing it can often result in physical and emotional suffering. First step hypnotherapy uses a Varity of proven techniques to aid you in achieving your goal of overcoming anxiety so unwanted symptoms are replaced with a sense of calm and control.

Experience in treating anxiety

Our knowledge of this disorder is fairly extensive, having worked in the mental health profession for some time. So making sure that the treatment is tailored specifically to suit your needs is one of our main priorities.

Experiencing anxiety attacks

If you currently suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, you may have been familiar with one or more of its common symptoms such as, poor sleep, aching muscles, headaches, poor memory, breathlessness, chest pains and many more unpleasant physical symptoms, not to mention the emotional consequences that add to the suffering. Many of our clients say they feel lost, desperate and more scared than ever before. The physical symptoms of a racing heart, sweaty hands and a sickness in the stomach, together with the psychological symptoms of paranoia, make for an incredibly unpleasant experience.

Avoiding situations

And because anxiety is usually triggered by specific circumstances, many of our clients also talk about avoiding those situations where they expect to experience anxiety the most. And this in of itself can exacerbate the problem, especially if those situations involve work, socialising or facing up to relationship issues.


Unfortunately, many of the symptoms are often triggered by particular situations or negative thoughts like gatherings, meetings, shopping, intimacy, relationships, work and many more. First step Hypnotherapy will help you to cope more appropriately with these feelings and situations by helping you to recode these triggers. You may have taken a lifetime to develop some behaviours actions and reactions, but by using Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis techniques treating anxiety effectively need only take a comparatively short time, allowing you to feel, behave and respond in a more appropriate way!

How could you benefit?

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