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  • Anxiety

    Our success is based on our broad range of skills, our intimate knowledge of the subject matter and, our significant experience in treating anxiety related disorders.

  • Assertivenesse

    By being more assertive you can improve your sense of identity, your confidence and your self esteem. A snowball effect is created: the more confident you feel, the more assertive you are and so on. The more you act in an unassertive way, the weaker is your positive sense of identity.

  • Fear of Flying

    Can you imagine what it would be like to be a cool, calm and confident flyer? With the help of hypnotherapy which include behavioural therapy techniques, that’s exactly what you'll become.

    Fear of Flying
  • Loss

    Many People react differently to loss and hypnosis can help you to deal with that loss. By listening to you we can establish what it is you require and provide a space to experience it during therapy.

  • Phobia

    Do you have a fear of a situation or an object which leads to avoidance of it? then you could benefit from our phobia treatment. We understand that the effects of a phobia is a serious matter and can be quite debilitating for the person suffering.

  • Sleep

    At first step hypnotherapy we cure insomnia in an entirely holistic manner. Not only will we help you deal with the root cause, but we will also provide you with useful learning in relation to more effective sleep strategies for the future

  • Smoking

    One session treatment that can free you of your smoking habit forever. Treatment is tailored to the individual to maximise its effectiveness.

    Stop Smoking
  • Weight Control

    We aim teach you the skills to help you control your weight through hypnotherapy. Help you to enjoy healthier foods, find the time and motivation to exercise.

    Weight Control
  • Other

    There are many other symptoms and problems which clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat which are not listed. First step also offer the services of a qualified, experienced psychotherapist and counsellor who may better suit your current needs.

    - Other

Do you want to:

  • Break bad habits?
  • Be more confident and relaxed?
  • Free yourself from problems?
  • Control your pain?
  • Sleep better?
  • Overcome your Phobias?
  • Be more successful?

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Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe.
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